About Us

Michael Losacco Patriarch

Our History

What started in the 60's by a Nudist couple, has changed over the years.  The days of free love are long gone, but we maintain values of freedom and individuality.  We offer a safe, friendly, clothing-optional environment.  Our beliefs are strong in the preservation of our home, and all the natural beauty inside our gates.

Michael Losacco, my Father, purchased the land  in 1971 with the idea of developing the land.  The already established business and it's many members came with the deal, and the price was  too good to pass up.  My parents were Italian born immigrants, moved to the United States for a better life, and not Nudists', never even heard the term before.  

My father was in construction and my mother a homemaker raising 6 children.  Thinking this was such a great investment, he made the purchase.  

That same year the ASA convention came into Burlington, my parents got out the pasta pots and cooked for a week straight for the over 1500 visitors to the camp.  Since then we have had many beloved people  come  and go, but one thing that remains...

The God Given Beauty here at Sun Ray Hills


Who We Were

Rather who we tried not to be NOT a Nudist Club, Swingers Club or Sex Club of any kind.  

We were a clothing optional seasonal campground, nothing more.

We promoted a healthy and wholesome atmosphere that everyone can feel comfortable.

Unfortunately the selfish and despicable behavior of most of our long time members became too apparent.  We, meaning myself and Laura, are not nudists', but accepting people  for  who they are  not what they wore or didn't wear in this case.  The list of members who say they cared about our home and then treated us like with utter disrespect is long.  We will however miss our beloved visitors.  Without you all we would  not have had  any enjoyment over the past several years.  We send lots of Love.